Hydrate The Hood Campaign

     Hydrate The Hood Campaign 

      The Best Jason in the World, Inner City Investments (ICITY), and Kulture World are partnering their resources to create the changes they want to see in the world, and creating social equity through a progressive health outreach initiative called #hydrateTheHood. The purpose of this initiative is to identify the importance of daily water consumption and to highlight the amazing health benefits of alkalized water through the use of the PH9 Generator Bottle. The PH9 Generator Bottle is the world's first and only portable alkaline generator that doesn't require the need of a disposable filter.

      Communities with lower incomes are more likely to be inadequately hydrated compared to higher income individuals. #HydrateTheHood aims to assist these communities. With the purchase of every PH9 Generator Bottle, #HydrateTheHood will provide a PH9 Generator Bottle to an underserved community that does not have access to safe, clean drinking water. 

      Jason Ridgel and ICITY are starting this important outreach initiative by addressing our local South Nashville Napier Community which is currently sitting in the middle of a food desert vacant of fruits, vegetables and other Whole Foods. Instead, the community is saturated with items high in fat, sugar and sodium. Alkaline water availability will help prevent the health disparities such as malnourished, dehydration, obesity, as well as other health problems. 

      Basic access and availability too SAFE and HEALTHY drinking water should be a basic human right and not a luxury. We decided to wanted to do something about this issue and begin to solve the problem. As, a result the Hydrate The Hood campaign is to push for safe and healthy drinking water. Please join us in the fight for our people! Order your PH9 Generator Bottle today.


 Fox13 Memphis - Hydrate The Hood Media Coverage

People in the Midsouth should prepare for several days of heat, that includes hydration and ways to stay cool. Today people all over the city held picnics at city parks and took advantage of the city pools opening today. While enjoying Memorial Day weekend, the sun beamed down on people in Audubon Park on one of the hottest days this week. Mike Frazier told FOX13 the weather today served a great opportunity to educate people in the park about hydrating themselves. Frazier says getting across what to hydrate with is also important. Frazier told FOX13 people who have underlying health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes should keep water but make sure it is instilled with nutrients needed to withstand the heat.                    

“When you drink commercialized water, bottled water and tap water those are minerals for your body to stay hydrated, Frazier said. According to the CDC, more than 32 percent of people in Tennessee have high blood pressure. Frazier started a community service initiative called Hydrate the Hood this year. “We just started this campaign last week. We donated 500 bottles to the JC Houston project on Nashville. We donated an additional hundred bottles to Flint, Michigan,” Frazier said.

He says in the summer months people should really look to water to stay hydrated especially when the heat reaches 90 and above. Frazier sells PH9 Generation Shakers that increases the PH levels in drinking water that eventually makes it alkaline. With every shaker he sells, a shaker will be given to people less fortunate and in need of a better water source. 

“You have people who have high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and other physical ailments that are lacking this product and are lacking alkaline water because number one they don’t have access, and two they can’t afford it,” Frazier said. 

For more information about the ph9 generation shakers visit this site: www.hydratethehood.com, Discount code: HTH. CLICK HERE for full article. 


Join The #HydrateTheHood Campaign #BuyOneGiveOne Today! Purchase your PH9 Alkaline Generator bottle, and another PH9 Alkaline Generator bottle will be given to an individual in an underserved community !